Allegheny Lutherie is owned and operated by Ben Padgett. Ben has been a musician and craftsman for the last 20 years. Attending VCU in Richmond, he studied painting and printmaking, played in numerous bands as a drummer and worked for Colonial Metalcrafts as a finisher for several years. Deciding to combine his passions in music and hand crafting, he attended the Galloup School of Guitar Building and Repair in Big Rapids, Michigan from June until December of 2016. Ben was asked to stay on as an apprentice at the school and eventually taught the third term as instructor of the archtop class as well as a sharpening class he had developed while working there until June of 2020. Allegheny Lutherie offers a repair service to keep your instrument sounding good and feeling great. Examples of service below.

-Fretwork (polish, dress, and refret)

-Setup (nut, saddle, and trussrod adjustments)

-Crack Repair (moisture and impact)


-Brace Repair (cracked, loose or missing)

-Neck Reset 

-Hardware Upgrade or Replacement

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